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The Blessèd Jerome:

Translated by Wm. Henry Fremantle, 1893.


2. Shameful to relate, there are bishops who are said to be associated with him in his wickedness (if at least they are to be called bishops) who ordain no deacons but such as have been previously married; who credit no celibate with chastity -- nay, rather, who show clearly what measure of holiness of life they can claim by indulging in evil suspicions of all men, and, unless the candidates for ordination appear before them with pregnant wives, and infants wailing in the arms of their mothers, will not administer to them Christ's ordinance.

What are the Churches of the East to do? What is to become of the Egyptian Churches and those belonging to the Apostolic Seat, which accept for the ministry only men who are virgins, or those who practice continency, or, if married, abandon their conjugal rights[1]?

Such is the teaching of Dormitantius, who throws the reins upon the neck of lust, and by his encouragement doubles the natural heat of the flesh, which in youth is mostly at boiling point, or rather slakes it by intercourse with women; so that there is nothing to separate us from swine, nothing wherein we differ from the brute creation, or from horses, respecting which it is written [Jer. v. 8]: They were toward women like raging horses; everyone neighed after his neighbour's wife. This is that which the Holy Spirit says by the mouth of David [Ps. xxxii. 9]: Be ye not like horse and mule which have no understanding. And again respecting Dormitantius and his friends: Bind the jaws of them who draw not near unto thee with bit and bridle.