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Modern Faras, Sudan, the ancient metropolitan see of Nobadia and apparently all Nubia. In the earlier centuries of the Dongolan Empire, Pachoras was the headquarters of the miaphysite church; there was a rival "melchite" (Eastern Orthodox) see in Taifa, but it appears never to have had much influence. However in the XI Century Bishop John III apparently adopted the melchite faith, and for the remainder of its history the see was contested by melchites and miaphysites. As the influence of Muslim groups in Nubia increased, Pachoras declined in importance and was eclipsed by its somewhat older rival Primis. The cathedral's existence was so completely forgotten that the Polish archæologists who rediscovered it thought they were going to excavate a tell (city mound) and were astonished to find instead a single huge mediæval building.

---Norman Hugh Redington

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