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Also NOBATIA; called MARIS after its annexation by Maqquria
The smaller of two Christian kingdoms in Nubia (Sudan). It was absorbed by its larger neighbour Maqquria, thereafter the Kingdom of Dongola, in the chaotic mid-VII Century, but retained considerable autonomy as the "Eparchy of Maris". The Nobadian church was non-Chalcedonian (miaphysite), whereas the Maqqurian church accepted the Council. Surprisingly, it was Nobadia's non-Chalcedonianism which Mercurius, first important ruler of the united kingdoms, selected as the religion of the new Empire, and the two main religious centres of mediæval Nubia, Faras and Qasr Ibrim, were both in Nobadia.

For further information about Nobadia after the Union, see the general Nubia page.

Norman Hugh Redington


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