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St. Wolfgang of Regensburg

X Century
Born in Swabia c. 924 and educated at Reichenau, St. Wolfgang became the life-long friend of a fellow student, Henry, who later became archbishop of Trier. Wolfgang followed his friend to Trier, where he met St. Romuald, who influenced both young men. When Henry died in 964, Wolfgang became a Benedictine monk at Einsiedeln, where he was the director of the monastery's school. He became prior in 970. The following year, Wolfgang undertook the evangelization of the Magyars and began a mission to Pannonia, which had mixed success. Emperor Otto II appointed him to the see of Ratisbon (Regensburg) in 972, and Duke Henry of Bavaria appointed him tutor to Prince Henry, later Emperor/St. Henry II. Wolfgang, who observed the same practices as bishop as he had observed as a monk, reformed the clergy and monasteries in his bishopric and gained a reputation as a caring pastor. He already had one as a great educator. He died in 994 near Linz, and Leo IX canonized him in 1052.

Karen Rae Keck


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