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Victor, Bishop of Vita

V Century
The author of Historia persecutionis Africae provinciae (translated as The History of the Vandal Persecution) was a priest at Carthage who later became bishop of Vita. He refused to attend the 484 Council of Carthage, a joint Nicene-Arian synod, at which Eugenius of Carthage put forth Nicene Christianity. Victor was, as a result of his refusal, exiled to a place near Tripoli where he composed his history, which contains, along with retellings of earlier persecutions, eye-witness accounts of attacks by Gaisaric (428-477) and Huneric (477-484). The book also incorporates copies of official documents and contains a list of the 107 canonical bishops of Africa and Eugenius' profession of faith. The prologue and the appended Passio septem monachorum (Martyrdom of the Seven Monks) are probably not Victor's. The History first appeared c. 489.

Karen Rae Keck


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