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Fr. Sergius Bulgakov

XIX/XX Centuries
Russian-French theologian, an extremely influential figure in the Orthodox resurgence among Russian intellectuals at the start of the XX Century. He was trained as a political economist, and was a Marxist at first, then an Idealist, and finally an Orthodox believer. He was ordained a priest in 1918. Eventually forced out of the country, he taught at the St. Sergius Institute in Paris. His theological speculations on the Divine Wisdom provoked heated discussion: they never prevailed even in France where his influence was greatest, and were eventually condemned as heretical by the Moscow Patriarchate in 1935. The "sophiology" debate has cast something of a shadow over Fr. Bulgakov's memory, but it would be hard to dispute his significance as a Christian role model for Russian intellectuals of his generation.

Norman Hugh Redington


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