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St. Serapion the Scholastic

IV Century
Friend and supporter of Athanasius of Alexandria, St. Serapion was a also a friend of St. Anthony of Egypt. A hermit, Serapion was made bishop of Thmuis (on the Nile delta) in 339, and as such, he participated in the Council at Sardica, at which a group of bishops attempted to justify deposing Athanasius, c. 343. Athanasius corresponded with Serapion about the divinity of the Holy Spirit and sent him as an emissary to the emperor Constantius. Serapion's writings against the Arians and the Manichees have been lost, as has his commentary on the Psalms. An euchologion, or sacramentary, of 30 prayers discovered in the XIX Century is attributed to Serapion. The Arians deposed him as bishop in 359, and he is thought to have died in exile. His sayings are included in the apothegmata of the Desert Fathers.

Karen Rae Keck


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