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St. Andrew Rublëv

XIV/XV Centuries
St. Andrei Rublëv (c. 1360/70-c. 1430), one of the greatest iconographers, became a monk, possibly late in life, at the Trinity-St. Sergius monastery at Zagorsk. He is known to have studied with Prokhor of Gorodets and to have worked with Theophanes the Greek, who may also have been one of his teachers. Rublëv's work maintains the serenity and perspective of Byzantine style enhanced with delicacy of line and color. In 1405, Rublėv and Theophanes worked together at the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin at Moscow, where icons of the Nativity, Theophany, and Transfiguration are attributed to Rublëv because of their style. Three years later, he and Daniel Cherni collaborated at the Cathedral of the Dormition at Vladimir, where Rublëv wrote icons of St. John the Baptist, the Ascension, and Sts. Peter and Paul. In 1422, he returned to Zagorsk, where he wrote the Hospitality of Abraham, perhaps the best-known of his oeuvre, as the patronal icon of the Cathedral of the Trinity. Much of his work has been lost.

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