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St. REMY, Archbishop of Rheims and Apostle to the Franks

(V Century)
The bishop who baptized Clovis and 3,000 of his Frankish subjects (495) was born c. 437/438 at Laon into a noble Gallo-Roman family. The son of Count Emilianus and St. Celina, Remigius was educated at Rheims and appointed archbishop in 459. His episcopacy, which ended with his death c. 530/535, is one of the longest in the history of the church. Remigius, who converted many pagans and Arians, was famous for his erudition and for his preaching. Called the Apostle to the Franks, he established sees in several Frankish cities, including Laon, Tournai, and Térouanne. Legends say that he gave Clovis the power of the King's Touch.
Karen Rae Keck

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