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St. Ouen of Rouen

VII Century
The friend and hagiographer of St. Eligius (Eloi), Ouen, also known as Dado or Audoenus, was born in Sancy, Brie, c. 600/610. He was raised in the court of Clotaire II (d. 628) and remained influential at court under Dagobert I (d. 639) and his successor. Ouen became a monk and established a monastery at Rebais in 636. He was named bishop of Rouen five years later, at the same time that Eligius became bishop of Noyou. In 644, Ouen convoked the Synod of Châlon to suppress simony. An advisor to Queen Bathild, he brokered peace between Neustria and Austrasia for Thierry III. Ouen died in 684 at Paris, and he was buried at his cathedral, which now bears his name, in Rouen.

Karen Rae Keck


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