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St. Juvenal of Jerusalem

V Century
The bishop responsible for the elevation of the see of Jerusalem to a Patriarchate, Juvenal held his ground against Cyril of Alexandria and Leo I, both of whom opposed the separation of Jerusalem from Cæsarea and Antioch. Juvenal acted independently of both sees in appointing Aspebetos the bishop of the Arab camps, but the Council of Ephesus rejected his petition to make Jerusalem a patriarchal seat. At the Robber Synod, he supported Eutyches but repented of his action at Chalcedon. Those attending the fourth council consented to the establishment of the patriarchate of Jerusalem, but when Juvenal returned to his throne, Monophysites drove him from it and installed Theodosius as the patriarch. Imperial troops restored Juvenal in 452, and he served in peace until his death in 458.

Karen Rae Keck


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