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Wearmouth and Jarrow

Dedicated to St. Paul, while its twin at Wearmouth was dedicated to St. Peter, the monastery at Jarrow was established c. 681 by St. Benedict Biscop on land between the rivers Tyne and Wear. In the late VII Century, the monks at Jarrow's scriptorium wrote the Codex Amiatimus, which contains a version of the Bible to have been presented to Pope Gregory II. The home of the Venerable Bede, Jarrow was an important educational and cultural center before it was destroyed by the Danes 867-870. St. Paul's was rebuilt, and William the Conqueror sacked it in 1069. Restored three years later, Jarrow eventually became a cell of Durham, as did St. Peter's at Wearmouth. In 1536, both monasteries were secularized.

Karen Rae Keck


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