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St. Honoratus, Bishop of Arles

V Century
Born into a consular family c. 350, St. Honoratus and his brother Venatius converted to Christianity in their youth. The two travelled to Syria, Egypt, and Greece with their director, St. Caprais. After the death of Venatius, Honoratus returned to Gaul and became a hermit in the mountains near Fréjus. Encouraged by Bishop Leontius of Fréjus, Honoratus established a monastery on the island of Lérins c. 410. The rule of the monastery was derived from that of St. Pachomius, and some monks lived as cenobites and some as anchorites. In 426, Honoratus was unwillingly made bishop of Arles, and he died three years later. His writings have been lost.

Karen Rae Keck


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