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St. Parasceva of Rome

(Greek PARASKEVE, Slavonic PYATNITSA, English FRIDAY )
III Century
Much-venerated among the Slavs, St. Paraskeva was the daughter of wealthy Christians in Iconium. Her name, which means "Friday", comes from the day of Christ's Passion; Eastern legends say she was baptized on a Friday and took the name as a rembrance of both events. Western legends say she was born on Friday and was given the name. Paraskeva had a reputation as a preacher and is said to have converted Antoninus. Asked at her trial under Diocletian what her name was, she replied that it was Christ. She was martyred at Iconium. Constantine Akropolites delivered her eulogy, and John of Euboea wrote an account of her passion.

Karen Rae Keck

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