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St. Dorotheus of Gaza

VI Century
A monk known for his sermons, Dorotheus of Gaza was born c. 500 in Antioch into a wealthy family. He received a classical education and developed a love of books. He became a monk and was a disciple of Barsanuphius. C. 540, he left this monastery to found his own. He may have left because of his fondness for the writings of Evagrius Pontus, whose work is sometimes considered similar to that of Origen, whom Barsanuphrios had condemned. As archimandrite, Dorotheus wrote spiritual instructions for his monks in which he praises humility above all the other virtues. Dorotheus died c. 560, and his works are known largely through quotations found in the writings of St. Theodore of Studium and his disciples.

Karen Rae Keck


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