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St. David of Wales

Welsh DEWI
VI Century
St. David (Dewi) is said to have been conceived when King Sant raped Non, herself a future saint. David was born c. 495 near Cardigan, and he is thought to have been educated at Ty Gwyn under St. Paulinus, an early missionary in the British Isles. David followed his teacher's missionary ways and established 12 monasteries in Wales. The last, Mynyw (or Menevia), had a strict rule based on Egyptian practices and became the center of David's see. Legends say that he travelled to the Holy Land, where he was elevated to the office of archbishop. His eloquence led to his becoming the primate of the Cambrian church. He is said to have opposed Pelagianism and to have established the canons of the British church. David died c. 589/601, and Callixtus II is thought to have approved his cult c. 1120. His relics were translated to larger shrines in 1131 and 1275; his empty tomb at Mynyw was rediscovered in 1922.

Karen Rae Keck


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