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St. Brice

IV/V Centuries
Brice (d. 444) was a monk at Marmoutier who criticized Martin of Tours and succeeded him. Sulpicius Severus reports that Brice held his instructor in contempt because Martin had been raised among soldiers and Brice suggested that Martin became superstitious in his old age. Martin continued to treat Brice kindly and is said to have had a vision in which Brice succeeded him. Elected Bishop of Tours in 397, Brice was considered proud and ambitious. He was charged in the thirty-third year of his episcopate with adultery, and although miraculously cleared, he went into exile at Rome for seven years. He returned after the death of Armentius, who had administered the see in Brice's absence. Brice was a changed man. Within twenty-five years of his death, his cult was well-established at Tours and had spread to England.

Karen Rae Keck


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