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St. Botolph, Abbot of Icanhoe

VII Century
The founder of Icanhoe (Ox-island), St. Botolph was born in East Anglia and was educated in Europe. He and his brother Adolph, whose existence is doubted, may have become monks in Germany before Botolph became the chaplain to a convent where the sisters of King Ethelwold lived. Ethelwold gave Botolph the land in the Fens for Icanhoe, which was later destroyed by the Danes. Legends say that when Botolph's relics were to be translated, no one could move them until they also translated Adolph's relics. No one knows where Icanhoe was: the two modern candidates are Iken in Suffolk and Boston (i.e. Botolphston) in Lincolnshire. St. Botolph was one of the most popular saints of the Middle Ages in Britain and in Scandinavia, and is the patron saint of Boston, Massachusetts.

Karen Rae Keck


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