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St. Boniface of Crediton, Apostle to the Germans

VII/VIII Centuries
Born Wynfirth, St. Boniface (c. 675/680-c. 754/755) travelled from his native England to evangelize the Germanic people of Europe. He was educated at Adescancastre (Essex) and Nhutscelle (Nursling). He became the director of the cathedral school in Winchester and wrote the first Latin grammar published in England. Offered the abbacy of Nhutscelle in 717, the year after he had left England, he refused and chose to stay in Europe, although his first mission in Frisia had not been successful. Gregory II made him a bishop in 722 and gave him charge over Germany. Under the protection of Charles Martel, Boniface preached successfully in Hesse, Bavaria, Westphalia, WŁttemberg, and Thuringenland. He besought and received missionaries from England to assist him. After the death of Martel (741), Boniface presided over five reforming councils convoked by Martel's heirs, Carloman and Pepin. When the latter entered a monaster in 752, Boniface crowned Pepin king of the Franks. Two years later, Boniface resigned as archbishop of Mainz, an office he had held for ten years, to preach again in Frisia. He was martyred on Pentecost and buried at Fulda, which he had established in 753.

Karen Rae Keck

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