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St. Blaise of Sebaste

III/IV Centuries
Little is reliably known about St. Blaise, whose help is sought by people suffering from throat ailments. Legends say he was born into a noble family and educated as a Christian. While young, he became bishop of Sebaste and was persecuted by the Roman government. Like Cyprian of Carthage, Blaise initially hid. While he lived in a cave, legends say, animals fed him, and he cured them and cared for them as he would a human flock. He is also reported to have saved a the life of a boy who was choking on a fishbone. Hunters discovered Blaise, who endured torture and imprisonment before being beheaded c. 316 at the order of Agricolaus, prefect of Armenia under Emperor Licinius. Although Blaise's cult may have existed as early as the IV Century, no written record of it exists before the VIII Century.

Karen Rae Keck


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