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St. Augustine of Kent, First Archbishop of Canterbury and Apostle to the English

English AUSTIN
VI/VII Centuries
The first archbishop of Canterbury, St. Augustine was born in Rome and served as proir of St. Andrew's monastery on the Caelin Hill before Pope St. Gregory Dialogos chose him to reintroduce Christianity into England. Augustine spent time at Lérins on his journey and was consecrated bishop at Arles before his departure for England. He arrived at Thanet in 597, and his mission had the support of Æthelbert of Kent, whose wife Bertha was a Christian. At Canterbury, Augustine founded Christ Church and the monastery of Sts. Peter and Paul (now St. Austin), and he made Canterbury the center of the English church. He converted many Anglo-Saxons and baptized &Aelig;thelbert in 601, the year that Canterbury and York became metropolitan sees. Augustine maintained a detailed correspondence with Gregory and made two unsuccessful attempts to reconcile Roman and Celtic observances. His last act before his death in 604/605 was the establishment of the sees of Rochester and London. The VI Century Gospel of St. Augustine is preserved at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

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