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St. Arnulf, Bishop of Metz

VI/VII Centuries
Descended from a noble Frankish family, St. Arnulf of Metz was also the great-great grandfather of Charlemagne. Born c. 580/82, Arnulf was a courtier in the service of Theodebert II of Austrasia (595-612). Considered to have been a good warrior and diplomat, Arnulf wished to become a monk at Lérins; his wife, Doda, had become a nun at Treves. He deferred his plan to assist in the succession of Clothaire II to his father's throne, and shortly after Clothaire's accession, Arnulf was named bishop of Metz. He served as advisor to Dagobert I, and Arnulf's older son, Ansigisilus, married St. Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, another advisor. Some say that Pepin and Arnulf were the real rulers of Austrasia and Dagobert was a figurehead. After participating in councils at Clinchy and Rheims, Arnulf resigned his see to live in a skete in the Vosges with his friend, St. Romaric. Arnulf died c. 640/43, and his hermitage later became a monastery, Remiremont. His son Clodulf later served as bishop of Metz.

Karen Rae Keck


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