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Anthony Jadrejkovich, Archbishop of Novgorod

XII/XIII Centuries
Born Dobrynia Jadrejkovich, Anthony of Novgorod (fl. XIII Century) is best known for his Pilgrim's Book, which describes a visit to Constantinople c. 1200. His book presents and preserves church architecture and liturgical practices of the time. Some consider it a valuable source of historical information, while others see it as a rhetorical narrative since he fabricated a few details, such as the patriarchal baths. In 1211, Dobrynia was elected archbishop of Novgorod, and in that office, he developed the economy of the city-state through treaties with the Germans and mediated among warring Russian princes. The Tale of the Taking of Tsar'grad, an account of a Frankish victory, is sometimes attributed to him. Anthony was twice driven from his see, and in 1228, he retired to Khutyn, where he died c. 1231/1232 after an illness that left him mute.

Karen Rae Keck


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