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St. Acca of Hexham

VIII Century
Disciple and successor of St. Wilfrid. Although one of the outstanding bishops of the Northumbrian Church, he became involved in canonical and political difficulties and was deposed as bishop of Hexham. According to one tradition, he then became abbot-bishop of Whithorn. Nevertheless, he was buried at Hexham. St. Acca was noted for introducing Mediterranean liturgical practices and artwork, including some from the Greek East; one of the items later found in his tomb was a portable altar inscribed in part "agiæ sophiæ". There is a tradition that he brought some relics of St. Andrew (the patron saint of Hexham) to Whithorn, from whence they were eventually conveyed to St. Andrew's in Scotland; however, there is also another tradition that the relics in St. Andrew's were brought directly from Patras by St. Regulus in the IV Century.


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