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First Epistle to the Corinthians

Translated by Charles H. Hoole, 1885.


21:1 Beware, beloved, lest his many blessings come to be a condemnation to all of us, unless, walking worthily of him, we do what is honourable and well pleasing before him with oneness of mind.

21:2 For he saith in a certain place, The Spirit of the Lord is a candle, searching out the secret places of the heart.

21:3 Let us see how near he is at hand, and how none of our thoughts and reasonings do escape him.

21:4 It is right, therefore, that we should not desert from his will.

21:5 Let us offend against men who are foolish, and senseless, and puffed up in the pride of their own speech, rather than against God.

21:6 Let us have respect to our Lord Jesus Christ, whose blood was given for us. Let us reverence them that are over us. Let us honour our elders. Let us instruct the young in the discipline of the fear of God. Let us direct our wives to that which is good;

21:7 let them show forth the lovely habit of chastity, and exhibit the pure disposition of meekness. Let them make manifest by their conversation the government of their tongues; let them show love, not according to partiality, but equally to all that fear the Lord in holiness.

21:8 Let your children be partakers of the discipline of Christ; let them learn how much humility availeth before God; what power a pure love hath with God; how his fear is honourable and great, preserving all who, with a pure mind, walk in holiness before him.

21:9 For he is a searcher out of thoughts and counsels, his breath is in us, and when he willeth he will take it away.

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    Have mercy, O Lord, upon Thy servants the translator Charles and the Friar Martin, and upon the Athenæum of Christian Antiquity.