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The Power of Music in Medieval Literature:

© 2000, 2004 by Brenda Johnstone Flynn. All rights reserved.

Many people have contributed to the writing of this thesis. My advisor, Kenneth Bleeth of Connecticut College, not only helped me research and write the pages before you, he also taught the classes that gave me the background and interest to pursue such research. Professor Frederick Paxton has been a constant support, stimulus, and foil for me. It was in conversations with him that the ideas behind this thesis took shape. He was there for me both when I was delighted with the topic, and when I despaired of it. I would like to thank my sister Heidi, who read and edited the entire thesis for me. My betrothed, Adam, has encouraged me, kept me sane, and understood when I had homework that needed to be done. I would also like to thank my family, who plied me with snacks and gave me time to work during Spring Break, when the bulk of this work was written, and Happy Gaynor, who patiently listened to my repetitious complaints. Many of my friends and the people I have encountered have inspired and encouraged me: Andrea Rossi, Elizabeth Costello, John Anthony, Chris Bigelow, Joseph Alchermes, Paul Althouse, Patrice Broduer, Megan McCormick, Kevin DiMinno, Jenn Scagel, Burton Raffel, Tamara Bress, Janet Gezari, Robley Evans, Leah Novak, Linda Marie Zaerr, Phil Ray, Mr. Jingles, the folk at Prayer at the Close of Day, and many more.